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True Colors - Park Hyung Sik 박형식 & Lee Sung Kyung 이성경 - Trolls 트롤 OST

Park Hyung Sik 박형식 & Lee Sung Kyung 이성경 - True Colors - Trolls 트롤 OST (With English/Hangul/Romanization Lyrics)

그대 슬퍼 마
Geudae seulpeo ma
Don’t be sad

용기 잃지 마
Yonggi ilji ma
Don’t lose courage

쉽지 않아
Swipji Anha
It’s not easy

많은 사람 중에
Manheun saram junge
Among many people

용기를 낸다는 게
Yonggireul Naedaneun ge
It takes courage

포기할 수도 있어
Pogihal sudo isseo
I could give up

네 맘속 어둠이
Ne mamsok eodumi
The darkness in your heart

널 작게 만들어
Neol jakge mandeureo
Make you smaller

환히 웃어줘
Hwanhi Useojwo
Give me a bright smile

기억이 안 나
Gieoki an na
I don’t remember it

마지막 웃음
Majimak Useum
The last smile

불행해 하지 마
Bulhaenghae haji ma
Don’t be unhappy

힘들어 지칠 때
Himdeureo Jichil ttae
When tired and exhausted

그땐 내게 말을 해줘
Geuttaen naege mareul haejwo
Tell me then

네 곁에서
Ne gyeoteseo
Beside you

언제나 있어줄게
Eonjena isseojulke
I’ll always be there

나는 보여
Naneun Boyeo
I see

진정한 네 모습
Jinjeonghan ne moseub
Your true self

진정한 네 모습
Jinjeonghan ne moseub
Your true self

그래서 사랑해
Geuraeseo saranghae
So I love you

나 용기 낼게
Na yonggi naelke
I’ll pluck up the courage

보여 줄게
Boyeo julke
I’ll show you

내 모습이
Nae moseubi
My Figure/appearance

모습이 아름다워
Moseubi areumdawo
My beautiful figure

난 보여
Nan boyeo
I see

진정한 네 모습
Jinjeonghan ne moseub
Your true self

진정한 네 모습
Jinjeonghan ne moseub
Your true self

그래서 사랑해
Geuraeseo saranghae
So I love you

나 용기 낼게
Na yonggi naelke
I’ll pluck up the courage

보여 줄게
Boyeo julke
I’ll show you

너의 모습
Neoye moseub
My Figure/appearance

네 모습
Ne moseub
My Figure/appearance


무지개 처럼
Mujigae cheoreom
Like a rainbow

무지개 처럼
Mujigae cheoreom
Like a rainbow

Both their voices are really good! Love this song so much! Its been stuck in my head for the longest time since the first time I heard it! Therefore decided to share this with all of you reader who have not heard it yet! Enjoy! =)

Hoping I can get to watch the Korean release of the DreamWorks Film, Trolls to hear their voices too since they are dubbing the voices of Princess Poppy & Branch!

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Travelogue: Ji Chang Wook 지창욱 Jiscovery Concert 2017.07.22 & Korea Weekend Trip

Ji Chang Wook 지창욱 10th Debut Anniversary Concert [Jiscovery History Concert 2017.07.22] and Fan meeting at Olympic Hall at Olympic Park Seoul ♡

Impromptu Weekend Trip from 21 July to 23 July 2017 to South Korea, Seoul, with a new friend I got to know through JCW SG Facebook fanpage! Booked the trip 2 weeks before and flew right away after meeting up for once to discuss the itinerary! Overall the trip is really short since our purpose was for the concert, but its an awesome trip as we still manage to do some shopping, eat yummy Korean food and streetfood, and most importantly we got to see our favourite Oppa 오빠 in person rather than through the TV/Laptop/MobilePhone screen! Its an experience I wont forget and I wont hesitate to do this again! Through this I am really glad to know a new friend who shares alot of common traits and common interest as me! Thanks for accompanying me on this trip!

Meanwhile I'll let my photos do the talking! =)

 At the airport, while waiting for our plane to Korea!
First thing first! Collect our concert tickets! The most crucial for our entire trip! Haha!

 Second thing we did, purchase the Line Friends Edition Tmoney Card for ease of getting around!

 Happy us with our cute cards! I took Cony while she took Brown! =)

 After checking in to our hotel, our first stop for shopping was to EWHA Woman University Shopping Street!


Went to take a look and short walk at EWHA Woman University in the midst of our shopping! Hoping to come here for an exchange program probably somewhere next year or the following year!

 LINE Friends Store! The Huge Brown is really cute I just had to take a photo with it!

 Our Dinner accompanied with Soju 소주~

 Hotel MIDO, Its a pretty nice and cosy boutique hotel. Our stay was really comfortable and clean and staff were really nice and friendly as well.

 And my Must Have Binggrae Banana Milk whenever I am in KR~

 At night we headed out to Dongdaemun동대문 to do some night shopping! Since our trip is really short we grasp any opportunity and time we had there to shop til we drop!

Day 2 Out shopping again at Myeongdong 명동 before heading to the concert!


 Lee Min Ho 이민호 Oppa~ Had to do a selfie with this since we dont get to see this everywhere back in Singapore! Haha!

 And my favourite Oppa! Ji Chang Wook! 지창욱

 Yummy Icecream!

 My must have Tteokbokki 떡볶이 as well as other street food! Yums!



First thing that greeted us the moment we arrive at the Olympic Hall at Olympic Park Seoul!

Tickets checked!

 Posters of our HOT Oppa!

  Which is your favourite Ji Chang Wook K-Drama? Mine would be Healer! But The K2 and Suspicious Partner are good too! As for Empress Ki, although Ji Chang Wook acted great in it but I am personally not a huge fan of Historical Period Dramas. My preference would be Action and Romcom!

 Official Merchandize! Of which I bought almost all except the Photo book as I never really fancy Black and White photos, look so sad although Oppa looks really awesome in all the photos!


 Inside the Concert Hall!

 The Cute Lightstick!

 Patiently and Very Excitedly waiting for the concert to Start to see our Dear Wookie!

 And here he comes! Surprise entrance from the back of the hall! As he walk down the hall I manage to get to see him up close! Happy max! Feeling lucky!

Some fancam from opposite the hall took a video and my friend was viewing the video and happen to find me in it! Yeap and thats how close I was to him! Happy to be caught in the same frame as him! Haha! *FanGirl Mode On*

Singing "Beautiful - Goblin OST"

Singing "101 Reasons Why I Love You - Suspicious Partner OST"

 Lucky Taiwanese Fan who was called up on stage to re-enact a scene from Suspicious Partner


 Cute Oppa showing us his tummy and says he cant show his abs to us for the night! Keke~ㅋㅋㅋ
 Qns and Ans time with Fans!
His smile and laughter is just so alluring!

Singing " Rain 비"


 Oppa doing his JiGeuDok Dance! Tooooo cute! Haha~ ㅎㅎㅎ~


And the concert ended after a half an hour extension!
Was so sad it ended we couldnt believe 3 hours fly by in a flash!

 And all of us Fans with our happy and contented hearts but with a tinge of sadness waited for the train to get back to our hotel

My late dinner! Favourite Binggrae Banana Milk again accompanied by a bowl of Naengmyeon 랭면~ Yums!

 After which decided to take out the merchandizes that I bought to admire and snap a photo!
Ji Chang Wook Withdrawal Syndrome officialy commences~

Following morning we packed up and headed to the airport and flew back to Singapore!
Our trip ended in a flash! Good times sure pass really quickly~

 Some of the other stuff I bought from this 2 days short weekend trip!
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